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Each print that I offer is produced one-at-a-time, by hand and goes through a careful curation process before leaving the studio. At every step of this process, only the highest quality, most permanent and most archival materials are utilized. Because of this unyielding commitment to quality, the prints will last a lifetime without degradation to color or substrate.

Each image is presented in a signed, limited edition. Custom printed sizes and editions are available upon request. They are especially pleasing in large dimmensions.

For more information or to purchase a print, please contact Alison Collins at The Iris Gallery in Boston. More imagery is available on their website; look for my name in their roster of artists, and click there...


Many people have asked about what camera settings... and how much motion...etc... I use when I am capturing these images. But therein lies the paradox of precision and chaos. The exact extent of the movement depends upon many variables ...and how the elements that affect the normal mechanics of capturing a proper exposure (choosing ISO, aperture and shutter speed) come into play. Its all about the available light; so there is never one answer. Ultimately it has become a process based upon years of experience along with plenty of experimentation. I am often inspired by the flight of birds or the motion of the tides as a guide in deciding how much movement to use; each shoot is unique in that way. So, sometimes the movement is sweeping; creating dramatic minimalist shapes and colors while at other times, the movement is more contained; which creates imagery that project impressionistic qualities. 



The images as you see them are captured organically in-camera and are not subjected to elaborate post-processing techniques. The colors are offered by nature; most often just before sunrise or sunset (but not always). 

I shoot with Nikon digital camera equipment with Gitzo and Acratech foundations. Ambient light is critical in the process and I utilize an assortment of light-blocking filters, from Breakthrough Photography and Singh-Ray to achieve the results you see.